Train Services

Irish Rail Commuter Services

Royal Canal Park is served by the Maynooth/Dunboyne commuter train line.  The development is equidistant from Broombridge and Ashtown train stations.  Most residents walk to Ashtown as it is a manned station providing a range of ticketing options whereas it is not possible to purchase a ticket from Broombridge Station.  Click here for more information about Ashtown Station and platform access etc.

Ashtown Station about a 12-minute walk along the canal from Royal Canal Park.  The canal path is managed by Waterways Ireland who have a policy of not lighting canal pathways.  While some of the path is indirectly lit by apartment blocks adjacent to the canal, there are some areas that are quite dark in winter and at nighttime.  Some residents may choose to walk a slightly longer but better-lit route via Rathborne.

The first train into the City Centre leaves Ashtown at 06:48 and there are approximately 4 trains per hour during the early morning peak.  The last train leaves Connolly Station at 23:17.  Click here for more on timetables.

A single ticket from Ashtown Station to Connolly Station costs €2.20 while a return ticket is €3.90.  If using a Leap Card it is €1.80.

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