Helpful Hints

The following hints and tips have been provided by Royal Canal Park residents.  If you have any helpful hints to share please email us at

The storage heaters in your hallway and living room heat up at night, when electricity is cheaper, and then let out the heat during the day. Each heater has an "input" and "output" dial at the top. The "input" dial controls how much electricity goes into the heater overnight. Most people have this set to 4 or 5 for average winter days, putting it up to 6 on very cold days. The "output" dial has nothing to do with electricity; it basically opens and closes a vent thereby controlling how quickly the heat escapes from the bricks in the heater.

If you are out at work during the day then it is recomended that you keep your vents closed (i.e. the "output" is set at 1). Then when you come home from work you can open up the vents as fully as possible to allow the heat to escape. It's best to close the vents again before you go to bed so that the heat created overnight is stored until the following day.

Your heaters should come on between 11pm and 8am in winter. This is controlled by an ESB timer located in a cabinet on the ground floor or underground carpark of your block.  You can adjust the timings slightly using the "DEVI controller" which is located in the fuse box of your hallway.  Turn the "NIGHT" knob clockwise to increase the time or anticlockwise to reduce it.  If your heaters are coming on erratically there may be a problem with the thermostat in the DEVI controller.  You can get an electrician to by-pass the DEVI controller so that the signal comes directly from the ESB timer and the heating comes on and off at exactly 11pm and 8am respectively.

Some tips to keep your apartment warm: Use the largest storage heater in your living room, ensure that heaters are not blocked by furniture, keep all internal doors closed and use heavy lined curtains.

HARD WATER: Royal Canal Park is in a hard water area which means that appliances can suffer from limescale build-up. We recommend the use of limescale-removing tablets (e.g. Calgon) in washing machines and dishwasher salt in dishwashers to help keep appliances in working order.  Those with sensitive skin may suffer from irritation or dry skin (some blonde-haired residents have even reported slightly "green" hair from the hard water!).  A shower attachment is available which filters out minerals and chlorine from the water in your shower.  Filters are available from and cost €44 including postage. They last for 12 months.

HOME SECURITY: Our local Garda Crime Prevention Officer has recommended that residents fit a Chubb-type lock to their front doors to improve security and to always ensure that doors and windows are kept locked.  Residents may also wish to upgrade the standard barrel lock on their front doors to a type that disables if someone tries to remove it from the outside (email us for information on local suppliers).  Please remember that we're all responsible for security in Royal Canal Park and ensure that all communal doors are kept shut, don't give out security codes to non-residents and or buzz people into your block unless you know them.

RECYCLE YOUR OLD BIKE: Residents can recycle old bicycles for free with Rothar, a local charity which reuses and recycles scrap bicycles so that they don't end up in landfull.  Click here for further details.

Note: Neither RCPCA committee nor its membership accept responsibility for loss or damage occasioned by any person acting, or refraining from acting, as a result of information contained on this site.